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Our founder Dr Harris Phillip has a background in medicine and is a consultant obstetrician, gynaecologist, and life coach based in and around the Greater London area. Dr Harris Phillip has created the Philburn Academy to showcase his continuous involvement within medicine, and helping people through empowering their body, mind, and spirit. Through show and tell workshops, a variety of books, and digital content online, Dr Harris Phillip is committed to providing people with a better way of living.

The Philburn Academy Approach

Although the Philburn Academy is based in and around Greater London, we want to be able to provide an online resource, selling a variety of academic and self-help books. Philburn Academy also offers a range of workshops both locally and internationally, where Dr Harris can provide a renovating experience and start open discussions surrounding medicine and self-improvement.

Monthly Empowering Workshops for your Body, Mind and Spirit

Numerous Written Publications by our founder Dr Harris Phillip

Over 30 Years of Dedicated Experience in the Medical Field

Special Events such as 'Don't Tell Me, Show Me', amongst many others.

About The Founder and Author - Dr Harris Phillip

The author is a trained Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been active in the field for almost thirty years. The BMS (body, mind, and spirit) model was ingrained in him through the exemplary life of his paternal grandmother who lived for 115 years. Incredibly her only known visit to the hospital was in the months leading up to her death. She was never a participant in the vices of common living, always maintaining even to her death a BMI of 23 and she had an unyielding faith.

‘’My light bulb moment came in my biochemistry PhD class as I learnt how food was used. Throughout medical school, I tested my hypothesis on my peers. The BMS model was born, and every experience solidified within me the belief that the recipe for a long active life is based on addressing the needs of the three components of the triune. Their nourishment, environment, and impacting factors.’’

‘’In order for one to experience a true revival, you must take into consideration all parts of what it is to be human. A holistic approach is a must! As a doctor this is one of my passions and I want to share this paradigm with you. In this chapter we will examine the various components of the person; the body, the mind and the spirit and reflect on what a revival for a person just like you and I entail. I will provide some useful insights on how you can empower yourself to undergo a holistic revival and in turn add years to your life and life to your years!’’

Our Books & Digital Content

Our books and our podcasts focus on the idea of reclaiming your health, and the project we’ve built around it. We’re passionate about making sure that our resources are accessible for everyone, so that people have the very best chance to succeed no matter what.

Our digital content, or podcasts, are all interactive and every single one of them covers certain aspects that are touched upon within the books. All our digital content is split into multiple sessions, so you can choose what you want to listen to and when, without having to compromise.

Our digital products & workshops


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