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Dr Harris Phillip is proud to announce his brand-new workshop as part of the Philburn Academy. This workshop, otherwise known as ‘The Show and Tell Interphase’, takes place over two days and involve a lot of the useful information taken from Dr Harris’ books and digital content/podcasts. Although the exact locations for these life-changing workshops haven’t yet been confirmed, you can expect to get tickets to our events hosted in Manchester, Birmingham, and London very shortly.


The First Steps Towards a Better Understanding

In the workshop which takes place over two days from 09:00 to 18:00 hours, we aim to introduce participants to our show and tell concept.

The concept is based on providing you with ingredients for a longer and more active life using the Award winning BMS approach. In these workshops, we will not only tell you what can be done, the “tell” component, but we will also address the “show” component, how to do it!

On day 1 we will have the pre-Lunch session between 09:00 and 12:30pm.

In this morning session, there will be two interactive sessions before lunch which will be based on the Body. We will address-Nutrition and Exercise.

Our show component will involve expert demonstration of the preparation of tasty, healthy 3 course meals. This demonstration will precede the lunch interval. Following this there will be a one-hour lunch break.

On return from lunch, we will continue with the “tell” component of the workshop. In this session we address other components of NEWSTART. The final event of Day 1 will he coordinated by a fitness instructor who will demonstrate various targeted exercises that you can perform to address changes you would wish to see at any anatomical site of your body. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to sign up for a 3-session private tutorial with any coordinator of any show component free of cost. That is if you wish to have private cooking sessions, you will be granted 3 such sessions free of charge, or if you wish to work with the fitness instructor, you will be granted 3 sessions with the instructor free of cost.

Day 2 Starts at 9am and ends at 18:00 hours.

On this day we address issues of the mindset and the spiritual.

The Tell aspect will look at the mindset and how it helps to direct our varied existence. The show will be conducted by a mindset coach. You will have 3, free sessions with the mindset coach.

The final show of the day will be coordinated by a hypnotist who will help you traverse the emotional positioning system. Tell aspect of this segment will introduce you to the emotional positioning system and how to move through the various rounds.

Also, as per your choice you will be allowed 3 free sessions with the hypnotist if that is your choice.

Each attendee at the workshop will have the opportunity to work with any of the coordinators of the show component for three, free sessions.

One will be allowed to choose only one show coordinator with whom to get three, free sessions. 


We expect to host one of our very first workshops in the vibrant and exciting city of Manchester. It’s the perfect place for a jam-packed weekend away, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and museums to visit whenever you have a spare moment.


Birmingham is a city not quite like the rest. It’s heritage and history speak volumes, and as it continues to welcome new visitors and familiar faces every single year, Birmingham remains the perfect place to host one of our workshops.



Known first and formally as the nation’s capital, London is home to some of England’s most treasured tourist attractions. From theatre performances on the West End to some first-class sightseeing, how could we not host one of our workshops here?

Show & Tell Workshops


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